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New Measures Will Increase Stability Of The Housing Market

New measures will increase the stability of the housing market. There is a great opportunity for homeowners and lenders to minimize the effect of a recent decline in home sales, but with better consumer knowledge, borrowers and lenders will also work together to implement these new actions to help stabilize prices. In the past few […]

Hong Kong’s property investment in Singapore rising

Hong Kong’s property investment in Singapore is rising significantly and the current situation is expected to continue for some time. The rise in demand for property in Singapore has been very impressive and the market is not only showing good performances but is also expected to increase further in the coming months. Investors from many […]

Government to Add Residential and Commercial Areas to Greater Southern Waterfront

The City of Calgary, Alberta is planning to add residential and commercial areas to its Greater Southern Waterfront. Calgary’s present land-use planning does not quite match the area’s ability to accommodate commercial or residential development. The city is currently planning to build a new downtown neighborhood, including residential and retail space along with new parks […]

Luxury Home Sales Surge Amid Inherited Asset Boom

Property sales have surged despite the turmoil of the global economy, largely due to a surge in luxury home sales. A lot of homeowners are buying larger homes and these larger homes are all that are being listed. They are simply bidding on bigger houses than they could ever buy. It is a fact that […]

Ascott Homes Offers 26 New Properties For Sale

Ascott Homes’ portfolio includes 26 brand new houses. They are located in the counties of Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, and Wiltshire. These houses can be found in residential communities such as Morley and Willaston. “Our purpose is to build environmentally friendly, stylish houses for buyers who appreciate this idea and as well as want […]

The Factors That Influence the Prices of New Condos

Condos prices may go up or down according to the trends and circumstances. This is due to the various factors that have been present in recent years. Hence, it is not surprising to see recent numbers of Prices of new condos going up even though a group of years had passed. One factor is the […]