Government to Add Residential and Commercial Areas to Greater Southern Waterfront

The City of Calgary, Alberta is planning to add residential and commercial areas to its Greater Southern Waterfront. Calgary’s present land-use planning does not quite match the area’s ability to accommodate commercial or residential development.

The city is currently planning to build a new downtown neighborhood, including residential and retail space along with new parks and other recreational facilities. A new seawall and a new airport are also in the planning stages for the area. In order to do so, the city needs to find a way to increase the amount of land that it owns and allocate the needed funds.

In addition to increasing the amount of land, the city has also been considering adding more municipal offices. The government is in the process of hiring an external public relations firm to help with the planning process.

Outsourcing the planning process

In an effort to make sure that it can build new residential areas in a timely manner, the city has hired a company to help in the planning process. The first phase of the plan includes residential communities.

The southern part of Calgary will be home to the Juravinski Village community. According to the city, the community will include about 500 homes. Residents will have access to approximately two miles of ocean frontage.

Another subdivision in the works is called Jim Hutton Development. It is planned to include about four hundred residential units in addition to public and private parks.

A new township is also part of the Greater Southern Waterfront project. This is meant to include about two thousand residents. One of the biggest problems with these types of subdivisions is that they are usually located near large lakes or rivers, which could inhibit recreational activities.

Having enough commercial spaces

The Watercraft and Sport Fishing Town Planning were designed to address this issue. The town will feature about seven hundred residential units. It will also have about one hundred marinas, restaurants, and retail stores.

There are still a number of areas in the city of Calgary that have not yet been included in the plan. For example, Watercourse Estates is planning to have one hundred and eighty-five residential units. The city wants to make sure that it can build enough commercial space so that this subdivision can be completed before the end of the year.

The City of Calgary is also working on creating more public transportation options for residents. Transportation is one of the most important issues facing Calgary in terms of land use planning. With the current economic climate, the lack of affordable housing is putting a tremendous strain on the city’s budget.

To deal with this issue, the city of Calgary is planning to add more parking spaces in order to create more efficient roadways. The waterfront is also one of the places that is growing the fastest in the city. This means that more people will want to live near the water.

Once the new residences are built, there will be a need for more and better public transportation. Once all of these major issues are resolved, Calgary’s southern waterfront will become an even more desirable place to live and work.

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