Ascott Homes Offers 26 New Properties For Sale

Ascott Homes’ portfolio includes 26 brand new houses. They are located in the counties of Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, and Wiltshire. These houses can be found in residential communities such as Morley and Willaston.

“Our purpose is to build environmentally friendly, stylish houses for buyers who appreciate this idea and as well as want a house that’s high-class,” says John Henrey, Ascott’s general manager. “The key consideration is creating an environment where a person can grow and enjoy his or her surroundings.”

The company says that they believe that each buyer is unique and has different views about what they want from their future home. They say they also cater to the needs of various budgets and build as many houses as possible with affordable price tags.

These homes are built in a wide variety of styles and colors. Most of them include granite countertops, ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, French shutters, and glass windows. Some of them even feature home theater systems.

Ascott increases efficiency

To ensure the efficiency of each house, Ascott asks their staff to focus on energy efficiency and achieving the highest standards in quality. They use eco-friendly materials and do everything they can to keep the building maintenance costs low. Their goal is to ensure the average life span of each home is five years.

When it comes to maintenance, each of these houses is professionally maintained. This is accomplished by professional contractors, experienced and dedicated staff, and hygienic practices. The contractor is responsible for regular inspections and reports. He will inspect the roof, plumbing, furnace, air conditioning, heating, electrical system, floors, wall and ceiling paint, cabinets, countertops, floors, ceilings, window treatments, tiles, skylights, garage doors, and door openers.

He will be able to tell the future weather conditions for each house, which can be helpful in deciding the most suitable time to move. If certain types of air conditioners need repairs, this will be taken care of quickly. He can also tell whether or not roofing has deteriorated.

Ascott employs a highly qualified and trained staff to take care of each of their clients’ needs. It is common for them to receive several calls per day from their clients and provide help whenever needed. Their staff also provides technical support, answering questions and directing clients to their website for more information.

Staff training is of utmost importance

Ascott believes in training each of their staff before they work in the field. There are some courses that they offer to help them become proficient. They believe that they are experts at what they do and can contribute to the way they interact with each house.

“We can provide someone who’s interested in a house to move into a brand new house that feels like home already. We think that the idea is to help people find themselves in a new home,” says Henrey. He continues, “One of the things that we talk about with the clients is that they should take the opportunity to reflect and discover themselves.” This is done with the house and all aspects of their lives.

They believe that finding a house is the start of a life change. They encourage customers to live in the house that they find and explore what they have to offer in the future. It is important for them to live in a home that they love to move into and to want to stay in it for a long time.

“Ascott Homes is making it easy for people to find their dream home. They’re giving it a try and if it’s a home that they choose, it can be a lifelong investment. for a family that wants the latest technology, with energy-efficient features, high security, and outdoor amenities, or a traditional home with space for a family to grow and prosper,” said Henrey.

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